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When Jess Hoke started Amateur Wrestling News 60 years ago, he wanted to create a publication dedicated to, as he put it, “the wrestlers, coaches, parents and fans of real amateur wrestling.” In short, he wanted to create a magazine about one of the things we care about most.

Today, Amateur Wrestling News is still about the very same things. The main difference is that, years ago, we weren’t sure there were a lot of other people who shared our interest in amateur wrestling. Now we know there were, and are. And we truly hope that you’re among them. Every month we set out to inform, entertain, and enlighten you by bringing you the most complete in-depth wrestling coverage we can.

Every issue is packed with results, tips & technique, team and individual rankings at all levels, wrestling history, photos, features and the inside scoop on what’s happening in wrestling. Our advertisers offer every type of equipment and service from instructional videos to summer wrestling camps and everything in between.

So, join us today, America’s oldest and most respected wrestling publication. 12 full issues of complete wrestling excitement for only $35.00 – a savings of 45% over the cover price.

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